House extensions

North London House extensions, N8, N10, N6, NW3 and NW5

If you are currently considering having an extension to your North London house and live in N8, N10 or NW3, you need to consider Design, Build, Planning Permission and Building Regulations right the way through to the finishing touches. Here we outline some of the areas your need to consider. We can help you through this process.

This information can guide you into making the right choices along the way.

Many people in today's housing market are frightened by the big difference in value between their current property and the next step up. Maybe it is the difference between a 2 and 3 bedroomed house, or maybe one of the owners now works from home and is in need of a study, and a house with a study downstairs can be a considerable amount of money more than one without.


Consider Finance before going ahead with talking to planners etc. Check that the finance is available. New products are always coming on to the market so it is probably best to seek out professional advice before taking on any further financial commitment.

Planning Permission

Most house extensions, though not all, involve getting Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval from your local council. Always remember though that councils may have different views on planning applications depending on where you live. An architect will be helpful here as they deal with councils planning departments all the time.

Why Planning Permission ?
Planning Permission is required to protect the public interest with regards to the local environment. Development by corporations and the public need to be allowed in some cases to ensure that towns prosper and grow. However, strict control of this development must be maintained to ensure that the character and amenity of the area is not adversely affected. Not all development needs planning permission - changes that do not affect the external appearance of a building do not require official permission. Also small changes to the outside of a building may not need permission. This ensures that house owners maintain a certain amount of freedom when making improvements to their property.

Before Starting your project
Before embarking on any form of extension to your property speak to your neighbours. There are two main reasons for this: ensuring that disagreements do not occur between you and your neighbours with regards loss of light etc, and also to ensure that your neighbours are agreeable to any access that may be required via their property during the building works. If your planned extension does require planning permission, your neighbours will be informed by the council, and therefore it is advisable to give them prior notice.

Try looking at your local councils website, some of them are very informative. Please visit our Council Links page for links to all Local Council websites.
Do I Need Planning Permission
The first stage is to check whether or not you actually need planning permission. Read through the "Is Permission Needed?" page for some general guidelines as given by the Office of the Deputy Primeminister.

The "Planning Application" page takes you through the process of applying for planning permission, what plans are needed, the council process and what to do if planning permission is refused.
Building Regulations

Building Regulations is an extra permission that you need that a lot of people don't actually know about. Have a look at the "Building Regulations" page to see exactly what they are and how to get permission.

Listed Buildings
People who live in Listed Buildings or in areas of conservation often need extra permissions before building an extension. If you are one of these people, click on the "Listed Buildings" section to find out more.
Use an Architect
Plans and engineer's reports can be drawn up by MBH. Full package can be provided.

Kitchen design

North London Kitchens design and build

A kitchen will need to be designed to meet the requirements of the family and it is important the layout this works as it is not easy or cheap to change the layout once it is completed.

Case study and gallery
view kitchen design gallery

Planning a Kitchen Layout
Before we start imagining the finished product we first need to measure the room, draw up an overall layout, the position the existing services (plumbing, electricity, gas point) and also the windows and doors. Remember that services can be moved if necessary.
There are three main zones within a kitchen - food preparation, cooking, and cleaning up. These correlate to the main work sufaces (and fridge/freezer), the cooker and the sink. These zones should make a triangle called the Work Triangle. Even though the sides of this triangle do not need to be of equal length they should not normally be longer than 6.5m (6500mm) and there should be no obstacles along the length of the sides of the triangle.

We endeavour to keep the design simple and make sure it works for you. You will probably be spending a lot of time in this room so make it work.

Making Your Kitchen Plan
Once we have drawn up the plan of the kitchen with all the relevant points marked (e.g. doors, windows, services etc) we will run through the options with you.

Buying Your Kitchen
Flat-packed, and install by us
Design and Fit - units built by our joinery team
Of course the main reason for choosing any of these options is budget.

Enjoy Your New Kitchen
You will be spending a lot of time in this room over the following years so make sure you are happy with the design before starting it.


Bathroom design and fitting, North London

If you are looking for a bathroom fitter in North London, we offer a complete bathroom design and installation service.
Expert consultation on all options for your bathroom. There is always more than you expect, but we can help you think of everything.
We recommend and supply major brand-name bathroom products which look good and work well in the longer term.
We can provide you with details of satisfied customers, who, if you wish to contact them, will give you their personal opinion about the quality of our bathrooms and the way we work.

We offer a full no quibble 12 months guarantee leaving you with total peace of mind.

Case studies
See our case studies for projects containing bathroom design and installation


Carpenter, North London N8 Carpentry

If you are looking for a carpenter in North London, MBH Construction provide a full joinery service.
Services include staircases, kitchens, storage, bookcases, etc. All our quotations include manufacture, installation and fitting - all the way through to the completed project.

Larger joinery projects
  • Fitted kitchens
  • Fitted Bedrooms
  • Staircases
  • Windows and Doors


North London Plumber, N8, N10 and NW3

If you are looking for a North London Plumber, our building services include all aspect of plumbing:
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Under-floor heating
  • Hot water pressure systems
  • Central heating and system upgrades
  • Cold water storage systems
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Appliance installations
  • Corgi registered tradesmen used to certify gas installations
  • Full liability insurance. Efficient, friendly service of the highest standard. All work fully guaranteed.